Cash Money Daddy

Life as an Entrepreneur and Father Podcast Concept

The best ideas can be born from a casual conversation. A group of founders and investors were talking late into the night after a networking event in January 2017. The conversation focus turned to the challenges of growing a successful business as a founder and entrepreneur while living the role as a Father and Husband. Not easy. Especially when your business success grows, you have the bright lights life and then the home life. Can those two co-exist?

Find out soon.

Podcast Idea to Show Name Development – Scripting and Audio Production

Our founder saw an opportunity to take the next steps and do we what we do, make a media project concept more tangible. We provided a couple show name suggestions, scripted a main show intro, collaborated with one of our voiceover talents and scheduled an in studio demonstration session. One of the potential hosts of the show had not seen the script nor heard any audio samples, but that was also part of our unveiling strategy.

Our team requested our in studio guests close their eyes and then the studio producer played the show intro…..big smiles, laughter and high fives ensued. Another audio theatre success. Take a listen below to hear an exclusive preview of how this new podcast is going to start during each episode. It’s our show name and intro concept for the new series premier launching this summer. We’re having host and co-host tryouts as we speak. Those host names will be added into the main intro after the final decision.

Cash Money Daddy Show Intro