Live Saturday Morning Talk Radio Show Transforms Into Over 150,000 Online Podcast Downloads

The CEO of Site Strategics, Erin Sparks, had the vision in 2011 before anyone in the Indianapolis and Midwest market, to produce a weekly terrestrial and online radio show for his digital marketing agency.

Like many Orange Hill Media clients, Erin had been airing his radio show for almost a year before he had met our CEO and Founder. Edge of the Web’s in segment content was good, but the overall audio imaging of the show and how transitions were structured, needed many improvements.

Hear a Recent Episode of Edge of the Web Radio: Celebrating 200 Episodes with a Big Name Guest

Erin and his on air guests were impressed with the stark contrast after hearing examples of our radio production pieces compared to what he was receiving from their talk radio station production team at that time. The audio imaging went from vanilla voice over with not modern music beds to much more trendy music, better voice over talent and pop culture sound bite references, creating a whole new audio atmosphere.

Erin was hooked on the audio production process. Never before had they experienced consistent new audio imaging, let alone the consistent compliments they received from their big name guests who enjoyed being a part of the new and improved show sound.

The first year of Edge of the Web yielded 6,800 online downloads and listens.

Now in year 5, there have been over 150,000 downloads and listens just from the Edge of the Web website and core podcast channels.

This is how our creative teams work together! We help guide the ongoing show structure, hosting coaching, new in show content and audio imaging, while the Edge Media Studios team provides the audience growth and digital marketing strategies.