Christian Talk Podcast Features Dramatic Stories You’ve Never Heard Before

The Elevate Your Life podcast concept discussion started in January 2017. Several months of strategic meetings, planning, production team development, scripting and pre-production, led to the early September launch on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts and other channels. Right out of the gate thousands of listeners provided great feedback and strong reviews.

Our collective goal was to deliver life changing stories, inspirational moments and unique commentary that everyone can relate to and react to, leading to you taking your next steps toward an elevated life. Don’t settle for what challenges you keep facing, or thinking your life is okay just the way it is. When you listen to our first season of stories and upcoming seasons with new themes, we hope you’re encouraged by the incredible odds our guests overcame and the inspirational stories you probably have never heard before.

This podcast is a collaboration with Elevation Church and Pastor Tony Smith. You can hear an initial episode below, and please subscribe to hear more in your favorite podcast channel. Or listen on the Elevation Church website.

S1 Ep 6 Overcoming Satanic Ritual Abuse