Radio Advertising Management

Even with the growth of online television, podcasts and internet radio, traditional over the air radio advertising channels are still used by today’s Fortune 500 companies as an effective way to reach their target consumer audiences.

Especially for a local business, local radio is a powerful tool to reach geographic specific customer bases. Having the voice of a local business owner brings quicker response. A local or nationally known personality endorsing your product or services as the voice over talent is also known to bring quicker response while accelerating customer trust.

Radio Advertising Consultants Based in Indianapolis, Indiana

Our founder and CEO began his writing and radio commercial production career in 1999 in Central New York. We’re now based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our team of writers and voice over talents help create radio scripts that captivate listening audiences. It’s about introducing your business and personalizing your brand through custom creative audio messages, leading to high quality leads, whether you’re looking for more phone calls, website leads, or event registrations. There are many ways radio can still drive traceable new business transactions.

We will manage your radio advertising campaign in any market. We take the time to deal with local or national radio advertising representatives, obtaining the best per commercial costs possible while researching the best radio stations that cater to your desired demographic targets. We gather information, present the information to you and make measured local market suggestions.
We’ve worked across several different industries and in several different radio markets managing weekday commercial campaigns and long form radio shows brokering weekend air time.

You can hear some of our radio writing and commercial production examples by hearing our Voice Over Talent Samples. We’re not partial to traditional radio. We have extensive experience in other advertising mediums, both traditional and online. We do believe traditional radio will be around for a while as one of the most effective advertising platforms for both national and local audience reach.

Do not let past bad experiences in radio advertising stop you from trying it again, because we’re your non partial radio advertising consultants. We’re not an advertising executive employed by a radio group pushing only our media properties, we don’t have sales goals to hit for only one radio group. We suggest the best radio audience for the best results for your business.

Let’s start the conversation, contact us online or call us at 317-402-1224.