Radio and Podcast Imaging Production

Our team of writers and audio producers have experience in music radio formats, news talk, sports talk radio and podcast formats. Our passion is creating audio theatre to surround and support today’s on air hosts for traditional radio or podcast shows. If you’re a program director, syndicated talk show producer, weekend talk show host, or you’re looking to enhance your podcast’s sound, we’d love to work with you to provide cutting edge audio imaging. We’re not about churn and burn vanilla production, we’ll make your on air and online brand stand out. Let’s set you apart from your competitors in the local and national markets.

Radio and Podcast Imaging Production Specialists in Indianapolis, IN

Our production team is well versed in traditional media and new media audio imaging. We’re able to pivot in our production styles to cater to over the air radio, online radio and podcast formats. Do not settle for the boring voice and typical music bed underneath, we’ll create an audio atmosphere that will immediately draw in the audience to stay tuned in. An audio highlight tease clip always helps, but how the scripts that surround the in show content are composed for the voice talent is critical. We make sure the voice talent records the script catering to what the creative script intended, and then producing the final audio pieces as the best support as possible to strong in show host and guest content, that’s where we excel.

The same professional philosophy applies to in show transition elements such as themed segment intros and bumpers. Having a creative director instructing the writers, the voice over talent and post production team from the main show intro through all the in show imaging elements, guarantees a strong brand and compelling radio show or podcast.

We’re not limited to certain verticals or industries. After thorough intake, we’ll provide creative strategy in order to produce audience impacting audio content. Let’s start the conversation! Contact us online or call us at 317-402-1224.

Take a listen to our radio imaging and podcast imaging examples below: