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Talk Radio Show Full Revamp Leading To Branding Management and Podcast Launch

This success story starts with our Founder and CEO hearing Aaron Adams on a regional talk radio show. Aaron is CEO of Alpine Capital Solutions, he teaches and works with real estate investors all over the world. He hosted a 1 hour talk radio show every Saturday morning. The show’s purpose was clear, there was good listener education occurring, but the overall radio listening experience, talk radio show content organization and especially the radio host personalization of Aaron Adams and his co-host Doug Dale… needed a lot of improvement.

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See Aaron Adams tell the success story of our consultation and management relationship in this video produced at Edge Media Studios


The extremely busy worldwide traveler Aaron Adams agreed to meet with our team and within a couple minutes both sides had a great read on much needed productive next steps. Step 1 was sitting in on the next recording session. Over 5 pages of productive notes were submitted after hearing how the current talk radio show flowed.

Our team additionally suggested a talk radio show name change from Real Estate Tips and Tricks to Real Estate Investing Radio. This made the premise of the radio show clearer to the listening audience. This change and the many other transformation steps led to more quality leads and a larger following on air and online, helping grow their revenue from 5 million to over 80 million within the last 6 years of our collaboration.

Talk Radio Show and Podcast Formatting Consultation

Our creative team submitted a new talk radio show structure outline. We provided a clear vision and wrote all of the in show scripted resets and teases heading into commercial breaks. Aaron immediately took in the new format and acted on it. His pre-show preparation time was dramatically cut, and the in show content immediately improved. Aaron and his team of real estate investors saw a dramatic increase in response from the radio show for new potential property purchases, plus the show helped increase their close rates.

New Logo Design and Website Design Development

We then moved to creating a multi-media branded website as Aaron transitioned into a new business model with Alpine Capital Solutions. With the help of the Site Strategics graphic design team, we created a new website bringing his radio show, training videos, on site events, the app and who they were as a team, all together in one powerful branding platform – – We then produced a testimonial video with a nationally known racing figure to anchor the second website we built

Our team also developed the Real Estate Investing Radio logo and we were privileged to also design his new book cover that was released worldwide.

We continue to add new media content to their website platforms while consulting on advertising avenues. We’re privileged to be the marketing agency of record as our yearly collaboration leads to consistent sales growth.