Financial Talk Radio Show Production and Consultation


Our team takes on several different industries, applies our step by step radio show and branding process, and enjoys seeing our clients like Brian Singer and Singer Financial Group, succeed. Driven and successful minds do think alike and when our team met Brian, the story progresses just like our other client examples.

We first interacted with Brian in early 2011. Brian had been hosting The Safe Money Show for little over a year, there were some leads coming in monthly, but not at the volume he wanted. Something seemed to be missing.

Hear a recent episode of Safe Money Show: The Retirement War Zone

Radio Show and Radio Imaging Improvement

We provided several weeks of our talk radio show structure review and Brian applied our content organization suggestions to his weekly preparation and on air commentary. The difference in audio production also greatly improved. Brian received consistent compliments from his potential clients on the audio quality and content he was delivering every week.

Public Branding Management

We have professionally managed Singer Financial Group’s multiple radio platforms branding campaigns, while consulting them on video and digital marketing content. Our team developed the Safe Money Show logo and several public branding images and slogans.

Digital Marketing and New Video Content

We’re developing a brand new online video, digital marketing and social media marketing campaign that is taking Singer Financial Group to the next level of new media development.