Are you just getting started in talk radio? Have an established radio show? Our reputation is providing an immediate impact toward improving your on air product. We provide talk radio content management, audio production and multi-market expansion management. If your radio show is 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or more, we partner with you for weekly content planning, weekly creative audio production, and an ongoing vision for your local market goals or multiple market goals.

Orange Hill Media is experienced in both terrestrial and satellite radio. No matter your market or radio platform, we dig in with you to grow your business or entertainment venture. We specialize in communicating with local radio program directors, local advertising executives, or national network representatives, obtaining as much air time as possible at the best price possible.

Listen to some talk radio show audio introduction examples below. We will also provide audio production for information liners going into your commercial breaks and rejoins coming out of commercial breaks. Our Voice Talents are available if you need us to produce any sponsor commercials as well.


We create custom written and produced radio show intros at a one time cost or monthly service. We also write and produce with your chosen voice talent.

Listen to Radio Show Intros:

Hear a recent Two Fat Guys Radio Party:

Rick and Smokey have been heard on over 15 stations and are growing. Now anchored on iHeart Media’s Fox Sports 97.5 FM and 1260 AM.

Hear an Episode of The Dr. Shoup Show:

Dr. Randy Shoup is a nationally known dental industry expert and highly saught after speaker. His radio show is now heard in multiple markets in Indiana, with his home office located in Noblesville, IN.


Christian Questions Highlight Audio:

Christian Talk Radio that discusses Biblical topics in a way you have Never Heard Before. Recently added storied KTRS 550 AM in St. Louis.

Hear The Safe Money Show – Retirement War Room Episode:

Hear the latest financial insights to help Main St. fight Wall St! Hear cannot miss audio commentary from today’s top national financial figure heads, and Brian welcomes exclusive guests in studio and across the nation.


An Edge of the Web Radio Episode:

The world wide radio leader in cutting edge internet trends, internet news, online marketing, and the latest social media tools. Over 100 episodes aired and over 2.5 million podcast listens logged!


Hear a recent REI radio episode:

Nationally known Real Estate Investing pro Aaron Adams hosts a weekly show discussing the best markets in the United States and around the world for investing in real estate.