Started Long Form Radio Show On His Own. Then Realized He Couldn’t Go It Alone.

Dr. Randy Shoup first met our media team in 2008 as he was airing a one hour radio show with the management of another radio consultant and the local radio station’s account executive. The show sounded solid but results were not there. Our team was helping produce in show audio imaging but had not yet consulted on the show’s overall branding, such as the show name, logo, website and how the hour was being structured.

Dr. Shoup needed new patients at his Microscope Dentistry by Shoup practice and that just was not happening. He stopped the show, even though he had a passion for bringing information to public light and arming dental consumers with information they would never hear from the majority of dentists today. One of the many weekly commentaries was providing his listeners tactics to save money and avoiding procedures the patients never needed, such as alternatives to crowns, no need for root canals and restoration with no need for drilling.

As a nationally known microscopic dentistry expert and public speaker, Randy wanted to restart the radio show in 2010 but he knew something had to change for better return on investment. Our team stepped in and made several measured suggestions. One of the first professional steps suggested was changing the name of the show. It had been named Healthy Smile Radio, yet as our team learned more about how Dr. Shoup was so different than most dentists across the country, the suggestion was to mix mainstream health topics with popular consumer dental concerns and rename it to The Dr. Shoup Show.

There was a complete audio and branding facelift. Our team developed a new logo, website and new one hour talk radio show structure with suggested segment by segment features. There was a whole new interaction level created that yielded never before seen online interactions from listeners asking questions, to scheduling in office consultations and monthly new patient success stories.

Dr. Randy Shoup went from losing money on his radio advertising venture a couple years back to now seeing new patients every week, clear cut annual financial gains while also launching The Dr Shoup TV show. See TV episodes by clicking here.

Now 10 years later, we’re enjoying the ongoing creative content collaboration and consistent return on investment year after year.

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