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The law firm Copeley Johnson & Groninger, based in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina, realized there was a hole in the podcast landscape for consistent legal commentary addressing sex at work. Women and men facing sexual harassment in the workplace many times face isolation and lack resources they can turn to, even in their own human resources department.

After a year of planning by the two legal firm partners Valerie and Leto, they approached Edge Media Studios in Indianapolis to run their new podcast idea and concept by our creative team. Our CEO and Founder Jakim Bialek was brought in as a consultant and ongoing Executive Producer. We held a conference call with Valerie and their law firm’s marketing manager Nicole. There was immediate excitement from our side, Valerie had a well thought out concept, had outlined the show’s mission statement and initial season 1 episodes.

Yet, like many of our clients have experienced, their initial show name concept was facing a lot of online content competition. It was a great name, but we suggested they go with their plan B show name for better branding and bigger potential in carving out an online niche.

We also consulted on the organization of the initial episodes, while commencing work on developing the first episode’s outline and script. We then moved to writing the main show intro, in show themed segment audio bumpers and producing the audio imaging. Valerie, Leto and their marketing team loved the audio imaging and were encouraged that all they needed to focus on was their in show commentary preparation.

Best Podcast Equipment and Digital Marketing

We also consulted with Live Switch Media on the equipment and software they needed to record in their office and home offices. They record their commentary for each episode then send the raw audio files to our Orange Hill Media production team for final polishing. Then Edge Media Studios team provides the podcast channels distribution, syndication and digital marketing strategy to push out The Law Sisters brand and unique content.

Hear an episode from our first season Sex At Work. You can learn more and hear more episodes at The Law Sisters website.

Law Sisters: Sex at Work Episode 17-Sexism: The Elephant in the Courtroom