Weekend Talk Radio Show Production and Consultation

Looking to buy weekend air time for your long form radio show? Are you building your personal or business brand and are looking to start a radio show in your local market or multiple markets? We can help plan and produce your show, while managing all the communication with the local radio stations.

We assist in brokering and buying 30 minute or 60 minute program time. Obtaining what avails are there, let alone negotiating with local market sales managers is time consuming. We’re well versed in garnering as many promotional assets as possible, such as weekday prime hour promos inclusion, not just purchasing a weekend time slot. It’s all about grabbing added value when purchasing traditional radio air time.

Like podcasting, starting a new radio show if you’ve never had any on air experience before is difficult even if you have an interior marketing team in place. You’ll need help with quality control to have the show cleared to air by the radio station’s program director. We’ll provide all guidance points; hosting coaching, show outlining, host commentary scripting, audio imaging scripting and production. Even though local market radio stations are trying to fill all hours of day and night with paid programming on the weekend, the quality of production still needs to be there for them to approve it. We will deliver and exceed what the local radio station personnel can deliver.

Very similar to our podcast production process, we’ll start with a discovery session, plan out every step of the radio show launch time frame, while addressing ongoing creative and promotional management.

Talk Radio Show Imaging Examples

You already started a radio show and need to improve the show’s structure and audio quality? We will write and produce with our voice talents or your chosen voice talents to create new audio imaging for the most professional sound possible. Even if you’re just starting out with your long form radio show, we’ll make you sound like a syndicated show.

Radio Show and Podcast Intro Audio Samples